College Transcripts
All college transcripts sent to the Student Loan Foundation of North Canton must be official. Unofficial transcripts are no longer accepted.

Information Update Forms
Loan recipients are required to complete and mail to the Foundation the Information Update Form by April 1st each year. We will mail a copy to your home address or you can download the Information Update Form from the website. Completing the Information Update Form is part of your obligation as a loan recipient.

Mandatory interviews for new loan applicants
All new loan applicants and their parents/guardians must attend a mandatory interview that will be scheduled for the last week of June, beginning at 6:30 PM. You will receive an email from the Foundation telling you the time of your interview.
New billing statements for loan payments
If your loan is in the repayment phase, you will receive a monthly statement showing the status of your loan, including the next payment due and the due date. Please return the stub from the bottom of your statement with your payment to assure credit to the proper loan.

A reminder to all applicants
Loans from the SLFNC are for undergraduate study only. Looking for a way to honor a loved one? Memorial donations to the SLFNC are gladly accepted. See How to Donate to make this happen.

The Foundation relies on the generous support of the community to ensure that local students have the opportunity to better their lives and enrich our community through higher education. If you are interested in making a donation and becoming a member of the Foundation, please
click here
to learn how to donate.

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